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Reading the Rocks

December 2nd to 20th, 2019

Kansas Union Gallery

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Hello Art Friends,

A year or two ago, the huge size and inconceivably vast time scale of geological features began to attract me. To see erosion at work I traveled to Badlands National Park in South Dakota, and camped in western Nebraska and western Kansas, among sediments from the inland sea which covered Kansas for 70 million years. Factual yet poetic geology books helped me visualize past landscapes, so I titled the project Reading the Rocks.

On the road and in the studio I worked with yarn, beads and cloth to make art evocative of these ancient structures and unimaginably slow processes. As always, I was limited by skills and materials. Both planning and chance determined the outcome of Reading the Rocks. Have I succeeded in evoking vast time and huge formations using materials and techniques associated with sweaters, socks and old ladies? You be the judge.

I’m happy to be working at SeedCo Studios in Lawrence, Kansas, US, at 9th and Delaware. Come and see us the last Friday of any month. If it’s virtual, find me on Facebook as Catherine C. Reed, or keep checking here. Email me at It would be great to hear from you and wonderful to meet in person!

Best wishes for all your projects,

Catherine Reed, aka Bouteloua

P.S. Reality has been good to me, but I’m leaving it behind. Here’s a glimpse into a new fantasy-based project with the working title, Strange Forms Emerge.

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