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Living Islands

September, 2020

SeedCo Studios, Lawrence, KS

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Dear Art Friends,

In the past I’ve been inspired by nature, being a scientist, but gradually I moved away from science,

and got angry at reality—

there were family squabbles and increasingly serious health problems,

so I took the fantasy path.

Couldn’t research this. It would not be fantasy if I used someone else’s ideas.

I thought of islands that are actually animals: living islands.

They would form themselves in mud or lava.

Then gradually rise into the air.

They would harden and crumble into dust.

Or perhaps return to their volcanic source.

Making them involved simple though tedious techniques, and mostly recycled materials. Names and stories evolved gradually and visitors added their own stories. Mimi Holmes helped me. See island pictures and stories here, and think of your own stories. A couple pieces found their way into private collections. See them here.

I was happy to be able to have an art show in the age of COVID, including the islands and a quilt retrospective; see show photos here. Thank you, Jeromy Morris and SeedCo Studios. There was time to visit with everyone who came. Yet it was bittersweet: I have developed a serious health problem, ALS, which has forced me to close down my studio.

Be well, and best wishes for all your projects,


Find me on Facebook as Catherine C. Reed, or keep checking here. Email me at It would be great to hear from you.


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