Bouteloua (Catherine C. Reed)

Hello Everyone,

The big project has been the Jungle, in progress for over a year now. We'll walk in: our surroundings becoming darker and stranger as we move from garden to jungle. Walls are made from 12 panels, each about 6-1/2 ft high, with small pretty flowers and leaves in the garden and large strange leaves and flowers in the jungle. Grass, water and stone, all made from yarn, cover the ground, vines and snakes hang from above. Lights and sound enhance the garden-to-jungle experience. Making the Jungle has moved me across the path from craft to art, along the border between facts and imagination, and down the road from California to Kansas.

It's a treat for a fiber artist to make public art. Just for fun I've done some yarnbombing around town.

I'm happy to be working at SeedCo Studios here in Lawrence, Kansas at 9th and Delaware Sts. Come by and see us the last Friday evening of any month. If it has to be virtual, find me on Facebook as Catherine C. Reed, or keep checking here. It would be great to hear from you and wonderful to meet in person!

Best wishes for all your projects,


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Jungle Items by Yarnbombers
From the Jungle series

Jungle Items by Yarnbombers

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