Table of Contents, 1-2.

Preface, 3-5.

Acknowledgements, 6.

Part I. The activities of women as members of scientific societies, donors of money and of specimens to museums; collectors, teachers and artists; volunteer data collectors, 7-27.

Part II. Twenty two women who published in science before 1861 with brief life histories and an analysis of their publications, 28-29.

Agassiz, Elizabeth Cary. 1822-1907. "Valuable contributions to diverse branches of natural science," 30-42.

Beecher, Catharine Esther. 1800-1887. "Arithmetic simplified," 43-5l.

Colden, Jane. 1724-1766. "First American woman to be distinguished as a botanist," 52-55.

Cutter, Eunice Newton. 1819-1882. Writer on physiology and anatomy for children, 56-58.

Dix, Dorothea Lynde. 1802-1887. Butterflies, flowers and "common things," 59-65.

Foote, Eunice Newton. 1819-1888. Experimenter on gases, 66-70.

Fowler, Lydia Folger, M.D. 1823-1878. Anatomy and physiology for women, 71-75.

Herrick, Sophie Bledsoe. 1837-ca. 1900. Microscopist and writer, 76-88.

Jacobi, Mary Putnam, 1842-1906. Physician, wife and mother, 89-111.

Johnson, Laura H. ca. 1798-ca. 1870. "Lady Professor" of botany, 112-116.

McDougall, Frances Green. 1805-1878."Renders science attractive without diluting it," 117-120.

Mitchell, Maria. 1818-1889. Astronomer, mathematician and college professor, 121-132.

Morris, Margaretta Hare. 1797-1867. "Une entomologiste," 133-143.

Peterson, Hannah Bouvier. 1811-1870. "A complete treatise on astronomy," 144-146.

Phelps, Almira Lincoln. 1793-1884. Influential teacher and writer in science, 147-160.

Swift, Mary A. ca. 1800-ca. 1870. Her elementary physics book was translated into Burmese, 161-165.

Taylor, Charlotte de Bernier. 1806-1861. Microscopist, entomologist and artist, 166-174.

Taylor, Jane. ca. 1800-ca. 1870. "Physiology for Children," 175-177.

Townsend, Mary. ca. 1790-1851. Entomologist "treat them [insects] with kindness," 178-180.

Tupper, Ellen Smith. 1822-1888. "Queen Bee of Iowa" - apiarist, 181-188.

Welsh, Jane Kilby. 1790 ca. 1850. "Catechism of Botany," 189-194.

Willard, Emma Hart. 1787-1870. Influential teacher and writer on science, 195-205.

Summary, 206-213.

Biography, 214.