Infinite Series 5

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Infinite Series 5 (in progress) is made from beautiful fabrics in red, green, blue and purple prints. Five fabrics are cut and sewn to to make a large pieced piece, and the first block is cut from this piece. The next block formed by joining the cut pieces using strips of a new fabric. I call this technique "walking the obsessive path." Each block is given a border, then joined to the previous block. Some liken scrap piecing to reading trashy novels or eating candy all afternoon, and they may be right, but scrap piecing is what I'm doing right now.

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Succulent Wall
Infinite Series 4
Infinite Series 5
Hawaii Volcanoes 2
Catherine by Catherine
Mimi by Catherine
bare soil and disturbance
bone shards
candy dish with tail
dead kings and queens
gross national happiness
infinite series quilt #3 in-progress
origin of the milky way
tulle vase
work in the rain
say these leaves 1
say these leaves 2
say these leaves 3
say these leaves 4
say these leaves 5