About the Goth Grandma series

Mostly black pieces, some inspired by Goth song titles (authentic and fantasy), are made of fabric, lace, vinyl, yarn, found items and old blue jeans abandoned on the filthy streets of San Francisco. Dreams, sexuality, aging, memory loss and death are explored in fantasy landscapes; the naughty boy and the witch present in grandma's mind speak.

Reptile Brain 4

Goth Grandma Series

Dark Labyrinth
Flaming Lips
Goddes Body Landscape 1
Goddes Body Landscape 2
Goth Cabin
Goth Grandma Bag
Mirror Pool
Reptile Brain 1
Reptile Brain 2
Reptile Brain 3
Reptile Brain 4
Senile Rebellion
Seven Pockets of Wisdom
Unknown Pleasures

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