Evolution Simulation at Night

(shown installed at the Art Center Ukiah, Ukiah, CA, October 2011)

Ninety of the 110 hanging forms ("drops") were made using a random number table to direct increases and decreases in crochet stitch number. When decreases outnumber increases, the drop dwindles to nothing (extinction). The yarn colors are also random.

Twenty drops were made following a pattern.

The flat pieces ("blobs") also contain random increase and decrease elements, with extra increases to make the blobs approximately flat. The central yarn colors are random whereas the colors around the edges were chosen.

Evolution Simulation

Evolution Simulation at Night
Evolution Simulation Base Detail
Drops Detail
Random Drops
Non-random Drops
Blob 2
Blob 3

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Multi Yarn Series

Sirena Detail
Goth Grandma 2nd Childhood
Great Red Spot
Great Red Spot Detail
Red, Gold, Aqua
Secret Knowledge
Secret Knowledge Detail 1
Secret Knowledge Detail 2

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