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Succulent Wall

Infinite Series 4

The first block of Infinite Series 4, placed in the center, is made from one color, the second from two colors, the third three colors, etc., until all 11 colors are used in the eleventh block. The colors are placed in random order. There is one yard of each fabric, so by block 20 there are only fabric scraps left. The color series is started over, in another randomized sequence, and a third time, to make 128 blocks for the double-sided quilt. Approximately 25 yards of fabric are used to make the eight-foot-square quilt.

Infinite Series 5

Infinite Series 5 (in progress) is made from beautiful fabrics in red, green, blue and purple prints. Five fabrics are cut and sewn to to make a large pieced piece, and the first block is cut from this piece. The next block formed by joining the cut pieces using strips of a new fabric. I call this technique “walking the obsessive path.” Each block is given a border, then joined to the previous block. Some liken scrap piecing to reading trashy novels or eating candy all afternoon, and they may be right, but scrap piecing is what I’m doing right now.

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