Here are some links, references and PDF's for papers and reports on insect projects. Catherine spent many happy summers watching the bees and flowers on the prairie, and many happy winters in the lab and library keying out insects and reading ecological theory at the University of Minnesota. Meanwhile she played around with kids' bug activities and sprouted acorns for fun.


Research Interests:

Insect conservation; pollination of native plants; insect biodiversity; ecological restoration; oak regeneration. Outreach interests: helping teachers, restorationists and members of the public become better scientists.

Selected Publications:

Reed, C. 1993. Reconstruction of pollinator communities on restored prairies in eastern Minnesota. Final report to the Nongame Wildlife Program, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 88 pp.
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Reed, C. C. 1995. Insects surveyed on flowers in native and reconstructed prairies (Minnesota). Restoration and Management Notes 13:210-213

Reed, C. C. 1995. Species richness of insects on prairie flowers in Southeastern Minnesota. pp 103-115 in Proceedings of the 14th Annual North American Prairie Conference, D. C. Hartnett, ed. Kansas State Univ.        

Reed, C.C. 1995. Insect responses to prairie management. Final report submitted to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 74 pp
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Reed, C.C. 1996. List of insect species which may be tallgrass prairie specialists. Final report submitted to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 43 pp.
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Reed, C. C. 1997. Diurnal Lepidoptera of native and reconstructed prairies in eastern Minnesota. Journal of the Lepidopterists’ Society 51(2): 179-184

Reed, C. C. 1997. Responses of prairie insects and other arthropods to prescription burns. Natural Areas Journal 17(4):380-385

Reed, C. C. 2002. Penstemongrandiflorus Nutt. reproductive ecology: prediction of pollinator limitation from experiments and field studies. Natural Areas Journal 22:220-229

Reed C. C. 2004. Keeping invasive plants out of restorations. Ecological Restoration 22 (3): 210-216
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Reed, C. C., D. L. Larson and J. L. Larson. 2006. Canada thistle biological control agents on two South Dakota wildlife refuges. Natural Areas Journal 26:47-52
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